California Supreme Court rules in favor of the California Medical Association

In an important decision for membership organizations seeking to challenge unfair business practices under California’s Unfair Competition Law (“UCL”), on July 17, 2023, the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of the California Medical Association (“CMA”), finding that the significant amount of time that CMA had expended defending the rights of physicians to refer patients …

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The Consumer Law Group of California Does Not Handle Debt Consolidation Matters

Recently we have received calls from individual consumers calling about debt consolidation services being provided by a company calling itself the Consumer Law Group. Our firm does not handle debt consolidation matters, and this confusion arose several years ago from a company in San Diego that was reported to the Better Business Bureau. We do …

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Ninth Circuit Upholds Allegations That CVS Violated ACA By Discriminating Against Persons With HIV

Recently the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a lower court decision, holding that five “John Doe” HIV patients could pursue a discrimination claim against CVS Caremark for requiring HIV and AIDS patients to obtain their medications by mail-order or drop shipment to a CVS store.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the lower court decision that found the plaintiffs had not adequately alleged a disability discrimination claim, finding the plaintiffs properly alleged that the CVS mail order program violated the anti-discrimination provisions of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”).

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The Public’s Right to Injunctive Relief When Facing Mandatory Arbitration

There is a frequent question about obtaining injunctive relief on behalf of the public when the lawsuit involves a mandatory arbitration clause. Such situations commonly occur in consumer class action litigation. In this article in the ABTL (Association of Business Trial Lawyers) Report, attorney Alan Mansfield discusses the California Supreme Court decision in McGill v. …

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Coventry Health Sued For Mandatory HIV/AIDS mail order program

On December 22, 2015, a lawsuit was filed against Coventry Health for implementing a mandatory mail order program for HIV/AIDS specialty medications, contrary to the terms of a settlement agreement and representations made by its parent company, Aetna, Inc. The lawsuit is pending in the Southern District of Florida, and will be posted here shortly

Major Car Company Charged with Deceptive Practices

Today in The New York Times is a report Volkswagon intentionally programmed certain diesel Model Year 2009-15 vehicles to violate EPA and California emissions control requirements. Read about what Volkswagon did here VW Alleged to Have Cheated on Emissions Testing If you would like to learn more about your legal options if you own or …

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Important Information for Those Interested In the DOE v. United settlement

On August 2, 2014, the Court entered an order finally approving the settlement in this action.  Assuming no appeals are filed, the following is an updated list of relevant dates: “Effective Date” – September 3, 2014. This is the date the Settlement becomes effective.  Thus, beginning on September 4, 2014, class members can exercise your Exemption …

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Important Information for Pathway Customers — Call Global Client Solutions

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Monday reached an approximately $7 million settlement in California federal court with an Oklahoma-based debt-settlement payment processor that the bureau says charged tens of millions of dollars in illegal upfront fees to consumers. The CFPB alleged that Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Global Client Solutions allowed companies that it served to charge …

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Class Notice Now Available for DOE v. United

For those who are interested in the action against United Healthcare involving the mail order program for certain HIV/AIDS specialty medications, the class notice was mailed out last week. The following is a link to the settlement website, where you can also review the settlement notice and a list of Frequently Asked Questions: (Internet …

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