Featured Lectures and Articles

List of Seminars Mr. Mansfield Has Participated In As a Speaker or Panelist

Consumer Financial Services Litigation (PLI, April 2000 and 2001) – participant in panel discussion on choice of law issues arising in nationwide class certification and jurisdictional issues arising from being engaged in Internet activities.

California Center for Judicial Education And Research (July 2001) – participant in panel discussion on mechanics of Bus. & Prof. Code Section 17200 (“UCL”) to state court judges in continuing legal education program for judges.

Judge Advocate General Naval Training Center (Nov. 2004) – lectured on procedure and substance of state consumer protection statutes at training session for JAG officers from around the Western U.S.

Mealey’s Unfair Competition Law Annual Section 17220 Seminar (Nov. 2004) – participant in panel discussion on anticipated litigation issues under UCL.

California State Bar Association, Antitrust and Unfair Competition Annual Seminar (May 2005) – participant in panel discussion on class certification issues arising under UCL in light of then recent amendments to Proposition 64.

Enright Inn of Court (Spring 2007) – participant in panel discussion on mediation strategies and ethical considerations.

Southern District of California Judicial Conference (May 2008) – participant in panel discussion on identity theft issues and protections available to victims

Mealey’s “Weathering Mass Tort and Class Action Settlement Negotiations” (Feb. 2008) – participated in tele-seminar re: ethical issues involved in class actions.

Privacy Foundation, University of Denver School of Law (February 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2009) – lectured and participated in several panels where discussed federal privacy issues, most recently on in terms of e- discovery issues.

University of San Diego School of Law (Spring 2008) – guest lecturer in class on Mediation and Arbitration on class action mediation and arbitration issues.

Privacy Advocates Seminar (May 2009) – Moderator of panel on trends and limitations in privacy litigation and potential role of cy pres awards in resolving privacy matters.

State Bar of California Unfair Competition Law Section “Navigating the Waters: Understanding the Intricacies of California’s Unfair Competition Law” (June 2010) — panelist on recent developments under Bus. & Prof. Code Section 17200

Mr. Mansfield has written extensively on a number of subjects, including the following:

A chapter and update on the scope of the Consumers Legal Remedies Act in Anti-Trust and Unfair Competition Law – Third, published by the California Bar Association, and the current revision of that chapter for the Anti-Trust and Unfair Competition Law — Fourth.

Class Action Waivers After The U.S. Supreme Court
Decision In AT&T v. Concepcion, ABTL Report Summer 2011

Kwikset v. Benson, Competition Magazine, State Bar of California Anti-Trust Division (Summer 2011)

Dukes v. Walmart, ABTL Report — San Diego (Summer 2010 edition)

“Is Your Client Prepared to Comply With the Data Security Breach Notification Laws?”, San Diego Association of Business Trial Lawyers Report (Spring 2007)

“Has The Class Certification Inquiry Changed Due To Proposition 64?”, State Bar of California Anti-Trust and Unfair Competition Section (May 2005)

“Hartwell: Are Courtroom Doors Open To Litigation Involving Regulated Industries?”, San Diego ABTL Report (August 2002)

“Litigation Issues Arising from the Use of Websites,” Practicing Law Institute (April 2001)

“Kraus, Cortez and Future Battlegrounds In Representative Actions Under the Unfair Competition Law,” Consumer Attorneys of California Forum (July/August 2000) (co-authored with Mark A. Chavez)

“Private Enforcement of California’s Consumer Protection Unfair Business Practices Act,” CAOC Annual Meeting (November 1997)

“Life After BMW v. Gore – Who Is Now The Trier of Fact?,” PLI (Fall 1997).