Lawsuit Filed Against BBG For Deceptive Billing

November 16, 2010

In a class action lawsuit filed in San Diego federal court on November 12, 2010, two consumers complain that BBG Communications, Inc., the world’s largest servicer of payphones throughout the United States and Europe, has been deceptively billing consumers for calls using a credit or debit card. Contrary to advertisements on the payphones, such calls […]

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Update On Bogus Collection Scams

November 5, 2010

While posting your experiences seems to be working to prevent consumers from being taken advantage of, this scam is still on-going, with a company calling people and saying they are from a Consumer Law Group and making threats to extort money.  As we have made clear, this group is in no way affiliated with the […]

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Doctors group sues Blue Shield over online ratings

September 10, 2010

California Medical Assn. officials announced Thursday that they and two physicians had sued Blue Shield of California alleging that the health insurer’s new online doctor rating system is inaccurate and potentially misleads consumers. Blue Shield’s Blue Ribbon Recognition Program, launched in June, analyzed about 6,000 doctors statewide and posted blue ribbons on its website next […]

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If Someone Says They Are An Attorney In California

September 9, 2010

you may verify this information at: please note there are no “Jack Lawson” listings, but there are two John Lawson listings that you may want to review.

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Update On Bogus Collections Efforts

September 9, 2010

As additional comments come in, which now appears to be almost daily, I am posting them so that people can share their experiences.   Also I am forwarding them on to the San Diego City Attorneys’ Office, who is investigating these claims.  If you would please indicate if it is OK if the investigator in charge […]

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Bogus Collection Claims using name of Consumer Law Group

July 23, 2010

This firm recently has been contacted by two individuals who were contacted by individuals claiming to be from the Consumer Law Group in San Diego, and demanding immediate payment of moneys for pay day loans and other matters.   If you receive a call from someone making such a claim, please be advised it is not […]

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Class Action Lawsuit Filed In “Death Sprial” Litigation

March 2, 2010

On March 1, 2010, two individuals filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of themselves and all similarly situated persons affected by what they allege is Blue Cross of California’s “manipulation of blocks of health insurance business with the intention of illegally decreasing policy benefits to enrollees while escalating the premiums they must pay”, which they allege in the Complaint […]

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Court of Appeal Clarifies Requirements For Pleading CLRA and UCL Claims

September 24, 2009

On September 23, 2009, the California Court of Appeal in Morgan v. AT&T Mobility reversed a state trial court and upheld as sufficient allegations against AT&T Mobility based on its selling a phone that soon became obsolete after sale, for violations of the state’s Unfair Competition Law, fraud and the Consumers Legal Remedies Act The trial […]

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Supreme Court Denies Rehearing In Tobacco II

August 21, 2009

The California Supreme Court on a 4-3 vote decided not to grant rehearing or reconsider its decision in the Tobacco II litigation, meaning that proceeding shall soon be remanded back to San Diego Superior Court.  In addition, to the extent practitioners were hoping for certain clarifications or possibly reconsideration of that decision, it will not be […]

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More Information on Tobacco II

June 19, 2009

There have been several commentaries issued by large defense law firms on the impact of the Tobacco II decision on pending and future class action litigation.  The following is several links to recent commentaries: (Web Archive copy) (no longer exists)

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