Your Posts Are Working!

The holidays brought a spate of complaints about the group misusing the Law Group of California name to try and extort money from people. Fortunately people are finding this site and, as evidenced by recent comments, not falling for this scheme. So if this happens to you, please post about your experience as it keeps the information readily available.

A few additional points you can make: (1) if you have made any sort of payment, call your bank or credit card company and see if they can track down where the funds were transferred. (2) If you have a phone number that you received the call from, see if you can have a block put on your phone, and ask if they can tell you where or from whom the call is coming from. (3)  If they call you repeatedly ask them for an address to send something to or where they are getting your personal information, then see if they have contact information for that company (they typically use the name CashCall Express or something to that effect). (4) See if you submitted information on-line to any short term loan company, even if it was just an inquiry, or see if you recently received a letter advising you of a data breach notification. That may give some indication where the personal information is coming from.

Federal authorities are still investigating this issue, so the more experiences that are posted the more leads it provides. So we all appreciate any insights or information you can share.