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by Alan Mansfield on January 5, 2011

The holidays brought a spate of complaints about the group misusing the Law Group of California name to try and extort money from people.  Fortunately people are finding this site and, as evidenced by recent comments, not falling for this scheme.  So if this happens to you, please post about your experience as it keeps the information readily available.

A few additional points you can make: (1) if you have made any sort of payment, call your bank or credit card company and see if they can track down where the funds were transferred.   (2) If you have a phone number that you received the call from, see if you can have a block put on your phone, and ask if they can tell you where or from whom the call is coming from.  (3)  If they call you repeatedly ask them for an address to send something to or where they are getting your personal information, then see if they have contact information for that company (they typically use the name CashCall Express or something to that effect).  (4)  See if you submitted information on-line to any short term loan company, even if it was just an inquiry, or see if you recently received a letter advising you of a data breach notification.  That may give some indication where the personal information is coming from.

federal authorities are still investigating this issue, so the more experiences that are posted the more leads it provides.  So we all appreciate any insights or information you can share.

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Denise January 5, 2011 at 9:27 am

I have had this “Law Group of CA” contact at work repeatedly threatening to sue me for uncollected funds to payday advance loan companies (if im not mistaken they used the name or something to that effect. Anyhow, I was told that I owed to this website about $1,000.something not included lawyer and court fees. I contacted this company to see if this was true, come to find out I never took a loan with this company nor do I owe about $5000.00 (as I was told) to them. So beware of those calls..

Happy New Year to all!!

Trina January 7, 2011 at 3:23 pm

06 & 07Jan2011 – I received a threating phone calls from this number stating that i had an on-line payday loan in which I have not repaid/ran off with the money. Keith, the caller from this number specified it was with US Cash, and that USA Cash has different payday loans under there name. Keith told that they had been trying to contact me through email, which all is not true. I was told that this was a Federal and a criminal case, and they would contact my employer about this case. I also spoke with Brandon Watson at x 143 on yesterday and was told that I’m being identified as a primary suspect in a case. I would be charged with 3 allegations: Federal Bank “something”, Theft by Deception and something else regarding Interstate… (I dont recall). He said that I was OOCR (out of code restituion), so they really were not allowed to work with me, but were willing to help anyways. I was told that my legal documents were being sent by them to the TX court system today and I would be sued for approximately $8000 ($400 loan amount plus court/attorney fees), unless I sent them $400 today and $385.35 at the end of this month. I called “Brandon” back 3 times and spoke with a guy with a strong accent who told me he was Brandon and asked that Western Union the money to Sharfuddin Khan in Mumbai, India 401107. Brandon later called me back and said he didn’t know who’d I’d spoken with, but it wasn’t him. He kept asking me for the incoming phone number, which I could not provide, b/c it showed “name unavailable”?? Brandon quoted me word for word what to write in a letter to their attorney. I was to also sign, date and include my address, a prepaid debit card number, exp. date, 3 digit on back of card, and a photo ID (ensure sure it isn’t too dark, but visible), or a copy of my SS#. He would give it to his attorney and it would be attached to my file as a plee to not file charges against me. I needed to fax this information to him today at 760-530-3272. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara January 8, 2011 at 2:09 pm

Hello, okay I am a little freaked out about what to do about these people making these phone calls . I got the call yesterday from a 0000 # so I just ignored it, then they called right back, so I just answered. Some lady named Susan confirmed who she was talking to and my email address. Then she set the phone down and then this guy named Jason Parker came on the phone and start to tell me I was being sued for a cash advance that I refused to pay back. I told him I had to idea what he was talking about he said I took the loan out online (which I didnt). I start getting mad at me and he told me to shut my mouth and to listen to what he had to tell me. It was all down hill from there. I then was told that I had court on monday in my state so then i asked him what court house and he couldnt tell me, so I continued to argue with him and he told me he was going to send his investigators out to arrest me …. hahah I told him go for it ..I finally just hung up on him . I am nervous that he has all my perosnal information social security number and all. I guess I am looking for advise on what to do next

lorie January 18, 2011 at 10:37 am

Pretty much the same story that everyone else is saying the number that they are using for my is 916 395 0000. They called and I told them that I indeed had a lawyer cause after there third or fourth call I was getting annoyed so i gave them the number for the FBI. If you google all this there is sooo many people with this problem and it is being investigated but they can’t seem to track them..

Tiff January 19, 2011 at 5:37 pm

I received a phone call from 760-652-9085. First the contacted my employer and was rather rude and disrespectful. When I was told about the call I contacted them myself and spoke with some guy with a heavy accent that constantly put me on hold. As I was speakign to him he informed me that I took out a payday loan and when they went to retrieve the payment from my account when the payment was due the funds were not available. They told me I would be sued for about $5000 and that someone was going to show up at my house on Tuesday which is the day I am to appear in court when they arrive to escort me I will then be taken to the courthouse that they filed the case in but could not give me a time and location as to where I was going to be. SO I asked him sir if I took out a payday loan then where did it got since I have not had an account in over 3 years? He became irate and I just laughed I told him if someone showed up at my door make sure the come prepared because I will consider that trespassing and defend myself by any means including the use of a fire arm I also have 2 older children that are trained and we are licensed to carry. Try your luck if you would like to sir and leave here on a stretcher. He began calling me all types of names then said he did not want to talk to me then told me he likes hearing my voice and thinks its sexy. This is really disturbing why can’t the authorities do anything about this?

Tameka Bell January 20, 2011 at 4:48 pm

On Jan.18-20 i received threating phone calls from someone supposedly from Law Group of California. My story is just like (Trina) only thing different is his name he went by Jack Lawson. They told me the same exact stuff they told Trina,I had to fax a letter to him and he told me what to write from word to word and wantd all my information.Will someone please do some about this matter because it’s getting worse.They called me from a number which is 760-652-9085 and they fax number is 760-235-4310

Brooke April 9, 2011 at 12:06 am

Oh man Ive gotten the same call from a 50 or 51 something or other nunber saying they are suing me from some bogus loan that i never took out.that i needed to hire a criminal lawyer also that they were going to have people come to my door to escort me to a courthouse the next day.yesh so i waited and waiteddd that next day….yup you guessed it! no one ever showed up.then when i got another call from them i became irate and lost my temper.the foreign man threatened me & even told me to shut up hahaha then when i really started to dig into him he hungup on me.Few days later today i got a voicemail from a umber showing as +000 from one again a foreign man saying he was calling on behalf of his client.this is a scam and all a huge joke.i dont plan on calling him back but if he or anyone else ftom this bogusness calls me back again or my employer they will certainly be getting the curse out of their lives.

amie April 22, 2011 at 12:02 pm

My call was from the 0000 # at first. When I answered she asked my name and all I said was who was I speaking to. She transfered me to Vincent (I think his name was) and he said a lawsuit was being filed against me on Monday, today is Friday, and that I needed a lawyer because I was a prime suspect! Totally freaked me out because I have been having problems with my identity already! I hung up and they have since called 14 times and left 3 messages. Said to call a 661 (area code) number back.

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